Accelerate Growth through Collaboration with Startups 

This is not the hype story of how cool startups are and why you should invest in them with a fund or setup an accelerator. Corporate Venturing is so much more than CVC – corporate venture capital.

The aim of this book is to provide insights in the different strategies and tactics to accelerate innovation and growth through collaboration, as well as plenty of cases as examples where these methods are successfully applied. This is not a book for people that are looking for complex innovation theories around venturing. Rather it’s a no-nonsense, ready-to-apply comprehensive guide for creating and reviewing your corporate venturing strategy as a strategic instrument to thrive in this fast changing world.

The book will provide guidance, insights, perspective and inspiration for anyone that has an interests in corporate venturing as a strategy to accelerate growth. Whether you are a large corporate or an upcoming player in the market.

Corporate Venturing Book



Dado Van Peteghem & Omar Mohout

Digital/Tech Due diligence: Bridging the gap between VC’s/Corporates and Start-ups/Scale-Ups

Madewithlove is a company based in Belgium that helps companies – mostly start-ups and scale-ups – to build digital products. They handle software engineering, product management, technical consulting, they manage technical teams and they conduct technical audits. Andreas Creten, co-founder of Madewithlove, has built a team of engineers/founders who have all been part of start-ups.…

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Duval Union Consulting has been in business since 2009, when Jo Caudron & Dado Van Peteghem created DearMedia. They grew the company into a team of 20 consultants and became the heart of the Duval Union ecosystem in 2015.

Our goal is to make organizations future-proof. We are new-style management consultants focusing on transforming and growing organizations in a digital-first world with offices in Europe and the Middle East. New-style? Co-created business strategy, custom-made transformation trajectories and actual experienced business advisors are only some of our differentiators and why clients love to work with us. We design the future of your business together.

Our proprietary methodology helps clients in every field of activity: from product to service companies, from consumer to B2B to industrial markets, from profit to non-profit to public organizations and institutions.
We walk the talk and intend to take the consulting business to the next level.

Sirris is the collective centre for and by the technological industry. We offer Belgian companies three key assets to help them remain innovative: years of experience and comprehensive expertise in a wide range of industries; high-tech testing infrastructure spread across the country; and an extensive network of partners. This way we help large and smaller players in Belgian industry make the right technological choices and achieve sustainable economic growth.

For this book we work together with publisher Die Keure.
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